Calvary Christian Reformed Church

We are a growing church family

Our family is not limited to those who attend our services, but also includes committed believers with whom we join in the Spirit of our fellowship. We not only worship together and fellowship together, but we pray for one another and go through life together. We are singles, couples, families, children and grandparents – some of us have been here since the beginning, others of us are just at the beginning.

We are not new to this community

The salmon-colored triangular building located at Victoria and Barthe Streets might not look like a church (there’s no steeple or church bell), but that suits us because we don’t want to be overly traditional or predictable. We are a place of joy, laughter, sharing and mutual encouragement.

We are the Christian Reformed presence above the river

There are two other Christian Reformed Churches (CRCs) in Chatham, but we are the one located north of the Thames River, with a unique opportunity of serving people who live in this community. We are encouraged in ministry by our strong working partnerships with local churches, and believe we have something to add to this combined effort.

We are a committed part of our denomination and worldwide ministry

Our church is part of one much larger church consisting of over 1,000 other church families and almost 200,000 total worshippers in Canada and the U.S. That larger church is called the Christian Reformed Church. This denomination is a part of a much larger family called ‘Reformed Churches.’ That just means we take most of our theological cues from the 16th C thinkers: John Calvin, Martin Luther and others. And this family of churches is just part of a much larger movement called Christianity which we believe is God’s presentation of light, hope and peace in a hurting world. May Christ bless His church!